my name is Heba.
Let me help you study & learn Arabic.
arabic calligraphy

about me

I’m a native Arabic speaker and tutor that is fully capable of teaching you two different dialects, depending on your specific learning needs in a relaxed, patient, and encouraging environment.

Because of my academic background in political science and my professional experience in both the business and non-profit sector for the past 10 years, your learning experience will have a wider breadth of insight with my proficiency of cultural business practices specific to the region.

Currently, I’m studying for my graduate degree in social sciences. My concentration in anthropology has enabled me to have a deeper respect that values the human experience and myriad of cultures that sprout my interest in meeting people from different walks of life and contribute to their professional and social journey.

Also, I'm cute.

this is for you if...

While I love tutoring at all levels of proficiency in reading, writing, and cultural nuances, the topics I specialize in covering are granular to my academic and professional background.

Our time together would be best served if you already are or in a position to become involved with:

  • state departments;
  • diplomacy;
  • non-profits or other humanitarian aid professionals working on or relocating to the middle East.
My services tend to be at a more premium rate because of the highly specialized nature of my training and the benefits that can be applied to your own academic and professional career.

Of course, that isn’t to say that I wouldn’t be happy to help you if you are a student of Middle Eastern, Arabic studies or social sciences in general and in need for Arabic as a foreign language.

Perhaps you are relocating, taking a trip or marrying someone from an Arabic speaking country. I’m happy to help.


$45 per hour

  • pay per lesson - no contracts or minimum commitments
  • customized learning - 1-on-1 learning based on your goals and interests
  • anytime, anywhere - take online lessons on your schedule


  • How does it work?

    Booking a session is easy. If it's your first time, follow the button at the top of the page and you'll be redirected to currently available sessions. We'll talk either over the phone or via Skype for thirty minutes to get a better understanding of your Arabic lesson needs. While you're not required to commit to any contract, I'll propose an estimate of the number of lessons that will best help you reach the goals you mentioned.

    Thereafter, you can go back and email me to set up additional lessons and you will be billed only for the time we practice over the phone, in person, Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • What dialects do you specialize in?
    Even thought I can tutor you in general Arabic, I'm half Syrian and half Egyptian, therefore I've been immersed in learning both Egyptian and Levantine.
  • Do you speak any other languages?
    Absolutely. French is my 2nd language. In fact, I completed my undergrad in French, which I can definitely tutor you in as well.